Ibanez RG Series Guitars

Ibanez RG Tremolo

The RG Tremolo series is a series of guitars also introduced in 1987 with the RG Tremolo model known as RG570DX by Ibanez. They were created as a basic design but are better known for their much pointer horns and their standard superstrat. The best selling guitar ever made by Ibanez is the RG370DX model featured by RG Tremolo. The Tremolo series include many models, such as RG270, RG270DX, RG320PG, RG320EX, RGR420EX, RG320FM, RG320DX, RG350Dx, and particularly the original guitar, which was also released in 1987 – an RG550 model with an Edge tremolo. This guitar features a thin and flat neck, called wizard, which is wonderful for shredding and chording. Because of its sound, neck and look, Ibanez guitars are used by famous musicians and bands like Evanescence, The Offspring, and Paul Gilbert both live and in studio. All RG Tremolo guitars feature the Edge III bridge which allows for the most tremendous effects ever, plus a complete tuning stability. There is another variant of the RG which possesses fixed bridges, and therefore called RG Fixed series. The RG Tremolo series are best known for their unique designs on the instruments themselves, for example the RG320PG P3 model featuring the “bloody skulls” design.

Ibanez RG Prestige

The RG series is the most popular and with the highest of quality series of guitars by Ibanez. They were released on 1987 and are famous for their specific thin necks and hard-edged tone. Made in Japan, they possess extremely high quality due to the materials they are made of, and the best mechanics working in this area, according to Ibanez. The RG Prestige has been known for 15 years, and it’s still running. It’s main models in the hard rock area are the ESP M series, the Jackson Soloist series, and the Schecter Hellraiser series. This trend has a solid body type, with neck joint varying between neck-thru and bolt-on. The body is whether made from mahogany or basswood, and the neck itself is made of maple or rosewood. The RG Prestige has many features; the 2007 standard Prestige includes: - Jumbo frets - 5-piece wizard prestige bolt-on or maple neck - Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays - Back routed wiring with body-mounted pickups - IBZ V7 neck, IBZ S1 middle, IBZ V8 bridge pickups - Team J. Craft hard case - Edge Pro tremolo Artists use the RG guitars both live and in studio. Many hard rock and metal bands use Prestige for years up until now. The RG Prestige is available in colors like Regal Brown Burst, Vatal Silver, Mirage Red, Mirage Blue, Black Pearl, Aged Natural, etc.